Can Telcos Embrace Bimodal IT?

January 05, 2016 by Dave Labuda

Bimodal (aka 2 Speed) IT is the practice of managing two separate modes of IT delivery, one focused on maintaining the legacy status-quo and the other on agility and time-to-market for new digital services and channels. The basic concept put forth by the likes of Gartner and McKinsey is that existing IT infrastructure and processes are not able to transform to support changing customer...

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DPI – Creating Deeply Personal Interactions

December 28, 2015 by Nigel Back

Imagine an Alice in Wonderland world where you pay for music based on the number of notes. If you run out of credit, no more notes or maybe the sharps and flats get throttled.  Or paying for my trusty Economist by the word but having the vowels disappear if I have insufficient funds for the full edition. Or a video, where the colour green gets removed after the first hour.

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E-SIM’s bumpy ride begins to smooth out

December 07, 2015 by Chris Gibson

Last year I wrote about the Apple-SIM and how in many ways it was testing the water for the later introduction of soft-SIMs. iPads were ideal as a test ground: they had low take up of cellular services anyway, and there was not the same dependence on CSP-subsidised distribution channels.

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Changing the economics for Digital

November 20, 2015 by Oisin O'Connor

Today's digital consumers have different expectations from their service providers and this is forcing a rethink around the value that traditional Business Support Systems (BSS) deliver.  BSS costs are not insignificant, equivalent to approximately 3% of annual revenues, and many service providers are having a good look at whether this investment will ever deliver a real-time digital...

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2016 – Will Digital deliver innovation?

November 20, 2015 by Jennifer Kyriakakis

Jennifer Kyriakakis, Founder and VP Marketing at MATRIXX discusses the themes that she anticipates taking centre-stage in 2016 as CSPs continue in their evolution towards fully-fledged digital brands. The IoT will take off with the help of virtualised systems; the pre-paid mobile market place will receive a wave of new innovative data services; and paying for services and products instantly...

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Putting the NOW into Payments

August 04, 2015 by Nigel Back

Examples of mobile pricing innovation are proliferating like mushrooms in a damp forest. Traditional bundles of data, voice and text are being deconstructed to be re-combined as highly personalized and configurable plans tuned to digital consumers' lifestyles. Social media, music, HD video, roaming packs - purchased for an hour, a day, a month, or a year. Choice rules and the opportunities to...

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Roam if you want to, Roam around the world…

April 21, 2015 by Jennifer Kyriakakis

It appears the concept of roaming is undergoing a significant metamorphosis and emerging as a key differentiator for many CSPs. One of our customers, Swisscom, has just announced a new set of plans that offer ‘carefree roaming’ for their customers. Now, they haven’t actually wiped out roaming charges altogether, what they’ve done is far cleverer than that.

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Digital Insurance: How to protect your legacy

April 16, 2015 by Dave Labuda

The topic of Digital Transformation is hitting fever pitch this year and everywhere you turn there are studies, reports, recommendations and confirmations about how CSPs must embrace Digital. Monetize, capitalize, and delight your customers through online digital experiences that will enhance your brand and your revenue!

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Digital success lives at the intersection of Vision and Technology

April 01, 2015 by Mitchell Klaassen

The evolution path for a traditional Communication Service Provider (CSP) to realizing a truly Digital Service Provider (DSP) strategy can only really begin with the right people. Visionaries within the organisation who see the new world, make bold and disruptive proclamations, have the audacity to lay out a grand vision and then even have the lunacy to attempt to realise it (!)

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Who Tied a Bucket To My Speedboat? (part two)

February 11, 2015 by Nigel Back

In part one, I looked at why several of the traditional approaches to billing are stalling development at CSPs. Think of these approaches as, well, 'buckets' tied behind an imaginary speedboat that longs to accelerate towards profitability from Digital Services...if it were not for the 'buckets' slowing it down!

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