Just Like a Swiss Watch

February 14, 2014 by Dave Labuda

It is remarkably satisfying for a software development team to see their concept brought to life and bring immediate value to its users. MATRIXX is honored to deploy our solution at Swisscom and to work jointly with Swisscom on innovative ways to expand and monetize mobile broadband services. These topics are constantly being discussed in open forums but seeing them come to life is extremely rewarding.

Swisscom recently launched MATRIXX Charging into production as its strategic convergent charging platform for pre-paid and post-paid mobile customers as part of a transformation initiative to move all of its business to real-time. But that’s not quite as easy it sounds. It requires not only state-of-the-art networks and support systems but also an agile approach including streamlined processes and a single set of core systems that are real-time, dynamic, and highly scalable.

Swisscom required the installation of a future-proof, real-time platform that could support the full scope of its planned customer services, including total LTE rollout, and they chose MATRIXX as their technology partner.

When customers first experience LTE they are taken aback by its speed. Mobile devices take on a whole new life and customers are also quick to take advantage of what it has to offer. Latest reports indicate that 4G/LTE users are consuming up to ten times more data than their 3G counterparts. They want things to happen fast and they want things now.

With this new real-time experience comes the expectation that everything supporting the network also needs to be in sync, especially critical business systems such as rating, charging, policy and customer management. Keeping track of data usage is crucial for all parties and knowing the value of any products or services being purchased in real-time is expected, even for post-paid customers.

Swisscom is well known as an innovative operator and it wants to release new products effortlessly and quickly. Customers are demanding more pricing options and flexibility to build their own plans directly from their device or handset. For them, billing transparency and real-time engagement are critical.

But what does it mean to an operator to move their business online and to real-time? For a start it means shifting from traditional physical stores and call centers to online portals where purchases can be activated immediately, with no waiting period. It also means understanding how to interact with the customer given their persona at the time (parent, business person, sports lover, etc.) and dynamically managing the relationship based on any number of personas.

The days of hold-ups caused by legacy Business Support Systems, static processes and siloed components need to be long gone. Swisscom, in keeping with the Swiss tradition of exacting precision, demanded a 100% real-time capability across their mobile services portfolio to support the full scope of their planned customer services, including LTE. MATRIXX is proud to be a key partner in its transformation.