Karl Whitelock

Director Global Strategy – Operations, Orchestration, Data Analysis & Monetization (ODAM) | Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan | One of the original founders of Stratecast, Mr. Whitelock established the Operations, Orchestration, Data Analysis & Monetization Competitive Strategies practice. He leads this team and personally covers the monetization functions such as data analysis, policy management, rating & charging and partner management. He has been instrumental in bringing to light the cloud-based, multi-partner services vision and the role of data in monetizing the Internet of Things. He helped to establish the Enterprise Business Enablement concept for meeting the needs of Cross-Industry 2.0 Virtual Services. Prior to Stratecast, Mr. Whitelock worked at a major North American service provider, global business consulting and solution integration firm, a network management developer, and a test and measurement supplier. He has authored 200+ publications on the business concerns of the operations & monetization marketplace. Mr. Whitelock holds a BS engineering degree from the University of Utah.
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Change is the New Norm: Real-Time is at the Core of Digital Transformation

April 21, 2016 by Karl Whitelock

Change has been constant for communication service providers (CSPs), particularly in the last two decades since deregulation of the North American market, and then more recently in other geographic sectors. However, the level of change continues to increase, and the rate of change keeps on accelerating. Perhaps this is concerning to some; but opportunities abound in a changing world, particularly...