Telstra And MATRIXX Named 2017 Digital Edge 50 Award Winner

February 16, 2017 by Jennifer Kyriakakis

We’re pleased to announce that Telstra, Australia’s biggest telco, has received the IDG Enterprise Digital Edge 50 award for its Telstra 24x7® customer self-care app, powered by MATRIXX Digital Commerce.

Telstra has come a long way since 2011, when they foresaw the birth of the on-demand economy in telecoms, at a time when digital OTT players had established a new, superior benchmark in customer experience. When Telstra chose to partner with MATRIXX, we were extremely excited to help drive their initiative to take leadership in the market and become one of the world’s truly digital service providers. Together, the opportunity was to dramatically improve customer experience and to help Telstra differentiate from the competition on a whole new level. As part of the digital transformation program, we created an experience that turned negative and neutral customers into brand advocates by making it easier for to enjoy a rich digital service mix tuned to their personal needs, without the need for lengthy interactions with contact centers or retail outlets.

We are thrilled that Telstra has been recognized for its commitment to their customers, and I’d like to thank the talented team here at MATRIXX, and of course, everyone at Telstra who continues to make strides toward building a digital business. 

Digital Edge entries were judged by a premier panel of IT and business executives on a number of criteria, including complexity and innovation. Organizations were chosen based on highly significant projects, impressive business results and superior collaboration among stakeholders.

The award ceremony will officially take place at the AGENDA17 conference, March 20-22, 2017 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.