Customer Experience: Service is King

January 05, 2017 by Jennifer Kyriakakis

Picture the scene: you’ve popped into a shop to pick up a ‘treat’  you saw through the window; cake, a piece of vintage clothing or limited edition jewelry.The line is long, and you keep getting “I’m sorry, I’ll be with you as soon as I can” looks from the store employees. For this reason you stay until they can serve you.  While this customer experience model may still work offline for...

Customers now asking their mobile providers, ‘can you hear me now?’

November 02, 2016 by Jennifer Kyriakakis

Once upon a time, companies were differentiated by the products they made. For mobile service providers, that meant network coverage, reliability and speed. Modern network rollouts and a maturing industry has leveled the playing field. Competitive differentiation now lies in delivering the best customer experience across all customer touchpoints.

E-SIM’s bumpy ride begins to smooth out

December 07, 2015 by Chris Gibson

Last year I wrote about the Apple-SIM and how in many ways it was testing the water for the later introduction of soft-SIMs. iPads were ideal as a test ground: they had low take up of cellular services anyway, and there was not the same dependence on CSP-subsidised distribution channels.

Telstra - More Than Talk, Walking The ‘Digital Walk’

February 11, 2015 by Dave Labuda

We recently announced the successful deployment of our Convergent Charging Solution at Telstra. Telstra is not only the largest CSP down under, but also has a growing international presence with operations spanning 15 countries. So it’s not surprising that they are at the forefront of bringing their entire operations – network, customer service, security, etc. into the digital age.

Just Like a Swiss Watch

February 14, 2014 by Dave Labuda

It is remarkably satisfying for a software development team to see their concept brought to life and bring immediate value to its users. MATRIXX is honored to deploy our solution at Swisscom and to work jointly with Swisscom on innovative ways to expand and monetize mobile broadband services. These topics are constantly being discussed in open forums but seeing them come to life is extremely...